God Cipher Divine

God Cipher Divine

God Cipher Divine

Artist: Changster DJ aka Ju$T Jun MC
Song: God Cipher Divine
Produced by: Changster DJ, DJ Pain One

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we can do it all night
make you feel alright
my jizz is all white
it’s on sight
I’m pinpoint accurate
I hit the right spots
call it immaculate
and that’s what’s happennin
rerun that
on and on again
yeah you know a g on that
a hot night
we in the spotlight
the game like that
when we rock mics
I crawl on that
like spiderman amazing
I eat that pussy
like an Asian
licking pussy
put my dick in pussy
soft and pink
you know it gushy
fresh and clean
she use a douchey douchey
hit it doggystyle
while I slap her tushy tushy
aint that the truth
asia to america
so many pros
a playa cause hysteria
the more the merrier
hotter than south beach
shine brighter than
paul wall’s mouth piece
I love them strippers like 2 chainz
kill that pussy like sadam hussein
keepin it fresh, always a new thang
part of the conglomerate
getting brains like a lobotomist

they lovin it, like Mc dicks
a misfit
trying to make everyday christmas
the hitlist
is a jedi mind trick
puffing on red eye thai stick
hold the head high like this
to the bedstuy projects
so call me snoop dogg
breaking the goose off
tearing the roof off
finna get loose yall
all eyes on me like tupac

the rhyme generator
hip hop administrator
heads going up and down like elevators
you know what to tell a playa
a goonie, so call me data
throw ya hands up and yell oh yayer

keep it jumping
like kangaroos
giving you
that attitude
knocking you out
yo pantaloons
world famous like Drake
but I aint black and jew

suffering and struggling
hustling and bustlin
thuggin it
mean muggin it
they fuck with it
and it’s troublin’

I want to hit Miami like Horatio
get played on the radio
and get dome from katie holmes

it’s prosperous times
when I am rocking the rhymes
I got yall in mind
it’s optimus prime

god cipher divine

High Rolling
Bust it Wide Open