Hip Hop Big features the performers of bboying, breakdance, and hip hop dance, the Vancouver Breakdancers aka Changster Bboys aka Ballroom Blitz Crew.

The breakdancer group is the king of breakdance.


The crew has done many events, parties, shows, and events for a variety of functions (weddings, birthdays, kids parties, holidays, Christmas, Canada Day, Halloween, etc) as well as assist in some fundraisers.


The crew has been bboying for many years, featuring junior members to older members.  The crew is popular with Asian & South Asian functions (East Indian, Punjabi, Fijian, etc) and have done many weddings and parties for the community.  The breakdancer group Ballroom Blitz aka Changster Bboys have the flavor to cook it up on the dance floor.


The performers have also worked with Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Kokanee, Smirnoff, DanDee Foods, and more!

Book the ultimate dance crew to throw down some super sweet moves for your function!

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