Hip Hop Big is the home of hip hop artist Just Jun MC aka Changster DJ from Vancouver BC Canada, and the Ballroom Blitz Crew, a breakdance bboying hip hop dance group.

Changster DJ aka Just Jun MC & The Ballroom Blitz Crew, a hip hop crew based out of Vancouver BC Canada, is from the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, France, & Vancouver BC. Connecting locally, they all met up with interest in hip hop and became a collective of expression through hip hop in the elements of breakdance and music (emceeing, beats, deejay), combining their talents and passions.

Just Jun MC is an aficionado, born and raised in Vancouver BC Canada, delving into the art of music in hip hop (emceeing, rapping, beats, dancing) since a young child, pursuing to drop the recumbentibus. Through self knowledge, autodidactic training, taking classes and research into music and audio engineering, it cooked into the soul sonic force it is today.

Known for creative movement, music, and emceeing, the originality of styles shines through like the sun for his crew, with which you can connect through http://hiphopbig.com..

Besides being hip hop artists, Just Jun MC & crew are film enthusiasts and D list film critics, video game lovers, martial arts fans, and spend their days looking for the perfect meal in Vancouver BC Canada!